Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday or the County Fair?

My youngest 1st cousin, Ezekiel - 5 months - Easter 2008

Easter with my family was so WONDERFUL this year! I am bummed because I forgot my camera and there was so much going on at my grandparents that I didn't get to capture & no one else had a camera!!!

After some miscommunication about what time lunch was, we all ended up riding over to Culpepper together; that was FUN - Josh enjoyed plucking on our nerves by playing incessantly with his Slurpee - making a nice array of irritating noises. Brittany, his girlfriend, finally took the cup away from him - hahaha! Dad had to pass three state troopers within ten miles of one another before he finally decided to slow down...I guess I take after him (wink).

The amount of food was seriously out of control! I loved every bit of it though! Chicken and dumplings, pot-pie, fresh bread & the desserts - wow - the desserts! There were more sweet treats to try than main course dishes. My mom and her sisters love to bake!

After lunch is when the county fair started :) We were riding four wheelers through the field - my cousin had one that goes up to like 60mph and you don't have to shift was awesome! Aaron likes to ride that particular one on two wheels more than four, which makes me a bit nervous after a while...I like the speed, but I prefer to keep all four wheels where they belong! I teased Aaron that this hair looked like Albert Einstein when he was done riding :)

My dad, grandfather, and uncles were out in the fields with metal little cousin Jacob, who is about 5, came in the house all excited b/c he found a quarter while out with the big guys...come to find out, my dad threw it out on the ground for him - I guess they weren't finding much w/ the detectors and Jacob was sticking close with his shovel in great anticipation, so dad wanted to make it worth his time - Ahhh DAD, love you! :)

The horses were out and people were riding, the kids were playing ball in the backyard, hiding eggs, Britt and I were jumping on the trampoline and visiting with the baby goats...the noises they made sounded like a kid crying...kind of alarming with so many kids around, but whatever!

My aunt Joyce recently had a baby, his name is Ezekiel and he is now five months old and just the most precious little guy. I basically tried to take him as my own yesterday afternoon and would only hand him over when my arms got tired or when Brittany said she wanted a turn...he was such a snuggly little guy... I managed to get a pic of him with my cell when he was eating his rice...the one and only pic from yesterday - what are you gonna do?

I believe that I counted we had 35 immediate family members there yesterday & we were missing 12 for one reason or another!

It was such a fantastic day, a long one, but just perfect!

I found out that we are celebrating EASTER again next weekend with my Peanut, so I'll definitely have some pics then. I was so excited when mom told me :)

ANYWAY, nuff about me ~ I hope your holiday was great too!!!


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I really like what your dad did for your cousin, that was adorable! Thanks for sharing!

SarahC said...

Sounds like you had a fun Easter with all your family! That is always the best way to spend any holiday. We had a great time too watching all the boys search for Easter eggs and inhaling chocolate! Four wheeling sounds awesome, I have always wanted to do that! Take care and hope to see you soon!

The Sweet Family said...

I am sooo glad to hear you are going to get to celebrate with Peanut this weekend. I knew things would work out.

Love that Josh was playing with his cup. My son does stuff like that and you can only take it for so long! UGH... I know they do it on purpose.

Have a fantastic week!

Michael B said...

What a fun Easter!! And, to get to do it all over again next weekend with Aliyah is even better!! I'm laughing at the title of your post because your day really does sound like you were at a fair or something--there was sooo much to do!! And, being around that many family members sounds like so much fun.

Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!

Love you lots,