Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A brief pause to complain

First of all I am very busy at work today, which I LOVE (I just love it when the day passes quickly); however, I need to pause from the rat race to vent!

Important Questions:

Why does the A/C kick on in my office & only in my office (where 8 of 100+ people sit) EVERY TIME the temperature outside rises above 55 degrees?

Why does the A/C not only turn on, but does so at the level I like to call "BLAST"? I can see the dust bunny's dancing on the vent. Come on people!

Why do I still have on my coat at 3:08pm?

Why does the power breaker throw (to my office) and all of our PC's go down when I plug in a space heater to try to remedy the extreme cold? Can't a girl catch a break?

Why can I not concentrate when the tip of my nose is COLD?

Why does the Chilly-Willy-The-Penguin-Song play over and over in my head?

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