Friday, March 28, 2008

100 Things About Me

I am going to follow in the "SWEET" footsteps of a friend with this post because it is only 330pm at work and I'm so bored that tears are welling up in my eyes! This could take a while! TGIF!!!

1. I was born on October 14, 1979 in Manassas, VA
2. My parents names are Doug and Sharon
3. My ONLY sibling is my younger brother Josh, we are 22 months apart
4. My family moved to Clarke County when I was 6 years old
5. My parents still live in the same house in C.C. (my dad built it)
6. First pet was a dog that we named Lady Bug
7. We had a cat named Fluffy, and it ran away
8. I don't generally like cats
9. I played tee-ball
10. My first crush was in 1st grade; his name was PARKER
11. I was always the chubby kid when I was little
12. I made HORRIBLE grades in 4-6th grade
13. I played volleyball 7th grade, got cut in 8th
14. I also played girls basketball 7th & 9th-11th grade
15. I had a horrible perm in middle school
16. I played girls softball from 2nd grade - 11th
17. I am so thankful for braces
18. KKH talked me into running cross country and track
19. Because of that I now really enjoy running
20. I lost-40 some odd pounds between my 8th & 9th grade years
21. I couldn't cut my hair until after high school
22. I used to chase my brother around with locust shells to make him cry
23. I got spanked on a pretty regular basis
24. I so wish I had good/clear skin
25. My parents HATED my first boyfriend (for good reason)
26. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
27. I graduated from VT in 2000
28. I am a HUGE HOKIES fan
29. I wanted to go to UVA up until 11th grade
30. I love the Redskins & football
31. I hate being ignored
32. I like to use the color coating from Easter malt balls to paint my lips
33. I enjoy dancing
34. I've been to about 9-10 countries in Europe
35. I think traveling is very important
36. I like to jump out and scare people
37. My cubicle is purple!
38. I love taking pictures
39. I wanted to be a teacher when I was little
40. I use candy corn for fangs
41. I also wanted to be an OB - what?
42. I don't really enjoy IT even though I work in that industry
43. I have random outbursts
44. I love reality & crime shows
45. I have one tatoo; I want MORE!
46. Fashion intrigues me
47. I think writing this much about myself is HARD
48. I like all types of music
49. Aliyah and I have dance parties every other weekend
50. I have an interest in buying random CD's
51. My dad is my hero
52. I never met my dad's father
53. I love trampoline's
54. I love the coziness of the winter
55. The beach is my favorite place
56. I want to visit Australia, Egypt, Greece, and Brazil
57. I want to open a business soon
58. I look forward to having children
59. I think meditation is key to keeping focused
60. I am not as patient as I'd like to be
61. I stopped eating all meat in 8th grade
62. I'm not patient enough to cook a lot
63. I started with chicken again a few years ago
64. I love Doritos
65. I don't eat red meat
66. I hate bananas
67. Hot dogs completely gross me out
68. One of my favorite songs is UP IN HERE
69. I don't like my nose
70. I'm short waisted
71. I think my feet are way too big for my height
72. My views on A LOT of things have changed in the last year
73. I believe in God
74. I consciously work on being a better person every day
75. I have my belly-button pierced, and a total of five holes in my two ears
76. I adore my niece
77. I love coffee
78. I know I can always count on my BFF
79. I only drink water during the day
80. Newcastle is my favorite beer
81. I try to exercise a few days a week
82. I am usually 15-30 minutes late for work
83. I hate stopping for gas
84. I love shoes & have bought 6 new pair in the last month
85. Shopping can be a problem for my bank account
86. I hate looking at the time, so I never wear a watch
87. Baliee always sleeps with me
88. My biggest pet peeve is chomping on ice
89. I bought Disney's The Jungle Book at Best Buy this week
90. I think Little Penguin Wine is AWESOME
91. I love Tiffany's
92. I want a new COACH purse for spring
93. I don't have a clue where I am moving to next
94. I think communication is KEY to any relationship on any level
95. I really enjoy going to the movies and getting POPCORN
96. I constantly yo-yo with my weight
97. I love staying in my PJ's all day
98. I hate putting away the laundry
99. I can't wait to leave work today
100. I'm DONE!


Kelly A said...

Wow...I just found out a TON about you!!!

You did great with this!!! I think it's great how close you and your brother are!! that your parents still live in the same house and that your Dad built it. Amazing!!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Michael B said...

In response to #58:

You will be an amazing mother. And, I look forward to you having children one day, too. I can only imagine how beautiful they will be...

Jamie said...

Now I know more about you and feel like I've known you even longer. Even though I only know you through your blog.(LOL) Just like you said this was much harder than I thought it would be. You don't even want to know how much time I spent on this, but it was fun. Thanks Again, Have a great weekend....

The Sweet Family said...

Wasn't that FUN!!! Your list was great! I enjoyed "getting to know" more about about YOU!

Have a happy day!

Amanda said...

Awsome! I love #22! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I am going to give that a try tonight, wish me luck!