Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What Amy learned at work today...

So I am standing outside a few minutes ago enjoying the wonderful warmth (about 70 degrees in Virginia today) with a co-worker and while looking up at the sky I see a flock of geese flying over...

I say: "Oh look, geese in a V" (thinking of Runaway Bride...)

He says: "Well Amy, do you know why one side of the V is longer than the other?"

I say: "No I don't. Why?" (thinking here comes some wonderful nature related explanation...from a guy that knows something about everything & I mean that in the nicest way)

He says: "Because there are more geese on one side than the other"

I say: "Thanks...really..." (thinking boy don't I feel stupid!)

No day is wasted!


The Sweet Family said...

When I read his question as to why one side is longer, I said (out loud) huh? Then read on as I was intriqued and wanted to know. Left to find out there really was no answer...URGH!


Vickie said...

Hey, I've always heard that they fly in a V so they can all see where they are going....much like you see motorcycle riders riding staggered. Riding/Flying Single file if they need to stop imagine the pile up!Plus, there is the NASCAR "drafting" affect. What I think is so funny, they honk the entire NYC taxi drivers or a pack of kids yelling, "Are we there yet"!?

Amanda said...

Nice! I was expecting some earth shatering answer, but just like you got the What the? answer. But it still left a smile on my face!