Monday, February 11, 2008


"Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools."
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Today is only Monday and I feel like I have set myself up for trying to conquer seven days worth of stuff in one!

Call me crazy, but on occasion I like and enjoy the stress and pressure that comes along with having a lot to do, last minute planning, procrastination, etc. but today I practically bit off more than I can chew :)

"If you want a thing done well, do it yourself."
-Napoleon Bonaparte

The morning started off with attempting to get up at 5:00am to study for my first exam this Thursday; however, that did not happen! I took a LONG nap yesterday afternoon (I was only woken up b/c of Bailee scratching incessantly on the side of the couch to go out to the potty) ergo I could not go to sleep last night until midnight!

I brought in my Valentine's cards today and forgot address labels and stamps SO I made address labels @ work...yes, they pay me a lot to do personal things during the day - SHHH!

I had a luncheon for a co-worker's birthday at 12:30, a personal appointment at 1:30 and between the two I had to run by Costco and get a cake and chips for a baby shower I co-hosted at the office @ 2:30...I made it to lunch, left early, ran to Costco - freaked out at the check-out thinking that I left my debit card at the restaurant...I finally located my precious piece of plastic as I was paying with check (in my head plays the VISA commerical - the one with everyone in New Orleans and "The Saints Go Marching in" playing in the background - everyone is all happy & then all of a sudden the music stops b/c some "IDIOT" had to write a check)...I rushed back to work and dropped off the cake, got to my desk and saw my V-day cards and was quickly reminded that I forgot to get stamps (one more thing I was going to cram into my hour lunch break!) and then my cell rings for my next appointment...go back to the car...figure out my life in about 20 minutes (THANK GOD), run back to the office - take off my coat & then run to the conference room to set up for the party...

Um...what was I thinking? In reality, I am the ONLY one that knows how much I scheduled for myself today, but seriously - I'm thinking it is not best to start off the week like this!!! I have referenced Napoleon Bonaparte, but I think today has been a bit more like a Dynamite experience!

And to top it all off, clearly I am still boycotting doing actual work (I am writing this!) as my inbox has grown beyond belief in all my absence from my desk…and I just want to go home already!

PS - If my cards are late, at least ya'll know why :)

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Michael B said...

PHEW! i feel tired just reading your post. i hope you didn't have class last night. : ) maybe the snow (?) and ice (?) will slow you down a little bit today!

love ya!