Friday, February 15, 2008

Pointless Technology & My Toddler

So, got home from a HIGHLY STIMULATING Biomedical Ethics (HELP!) class last night around 10:15ish and was scrambling around getting myself ready to dive right into my two taped episodes of LOST (for whatever reason although it was set-up, it did not record last week - so irritating...silver lining on the writer's strike is that they've been showing the previous & current episode for the last 3 wks, so I set the DVR to tape the 8 & 9 time slots last night).

I believe I finally snuggled in under the covers about 10:45 & checked the menu to make sure both episodes taped - confirmed - WHEW! Wrap up #1, look at the clock, it's 11:30, but I'm feeling good, so I decide to start this weeks show...well, go into the menu, click on the 9:00 recorded show and WHAT I ASK YOU showed up on the screen????? The 10-11pm new show "ELI - something!" I mean, can I catch a break on this please? If you could have only heard the language...I'll leave it at that. The only saving grace is that I decided to go to sleep at 11:45 instead of 1am! My eyes are burning this morning...a nice little reminder that I'm not 22 anymore!

Now on to my toddler...for you mom's out there, I'm not even trying to compare, BUT one thing I'll say is that my toddler will never grow up! I'm referring to Bailee here. I love that dog like he is my child, but his potty breaks in the middle of the night have gotta give; HOWEVER, there is nothing that I can do about it! For a few months, we were waking up 2-3 times a night. Lately (praise Allah) he is back to one trip out, BUT that could change at any time!

So last night, he wakes me up about 3am & during his nightly potty breaks, I have developed a little midnight snack problem...terrible I know...if I see food that looks good...I eat...piece of chocolate, pretzels, nothing is off limits. I feel so guilty about it too! Last night, I pop into the kitchen for a bite of BROWNIE (again, you are not 22...straight to the hips). After I'm done I go to check on Bails and it is very obvious to me that the little guy is having "trouble" with his #2 - TMI, I know. I watch him for a few minutes until I realize that there needs to be an intervention, so I go out and scoop him up - one handed - holding him at arms length...I mean, at least he is small!!! I proceed to take him to the bathroom to clean him up (NICE). Prop him on the toilet seat, get some wipes and take care of business...he kept sitting down when I'd go to clean the the mess was getting larger - CLEARLY not the goal! Finally got everything under control and it was back to bed...

Let's just say that the 6am whistle came too early today and; therefore, I promptly shut it down...ended up oversleeping, had to stop for gas on the way, and didn't get into the office until 9:40am...



Amanda said...

Wow! What a morning! TGIF is right!

The Sweet Family said...

Isn't it strange that you never need gas unless you are running late. I had a late day this past week as well. Honest to god...It was the morning I had to get gas.

TGIF to you and have a happy weekend!

Michael B said...

That stinks! Lost was SOOOO good last night. At least you'll be able to catch up next Thursday, you know they'll have a re-run...

Had to giggle about the bathroom breaks in the middle of night! That's so, so, so annoying! Speaking of annoying, Duncan puked in his crate today. (awesome!) Gotta go bathe him, I suppose. That, or leave him outside all night.

Have a great weekend.

Love you lots,