Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One of the FLYING MONKEY's is off my back!

Just a quick update to let you know that the vacation house is booked...FINALLY! YAYAYAY!

I reserved it yesterday...we are going VERY LATE this year i.e. the last week of August, so I am probably going to miss my girls who are going to EI for sure...maybe next year K & C! PS - this house is actually in Dolphin Rige.

The only hitch is that we have not checked in with the Wicked Witch *woops, did I say that?* yet to see if that week is ok to take Peanut - which could cause a glitch...hahaha!

It is cutting it close because my little niece starts kindergarten this September i.e. two days after we will get back from the beach. I just can't believe it is that time yet! She is getting so big and makes me so very proud...Hopefully all will be well with the dates!

This is tentatively the Watts Family vacation house for 2008 - we are going to have a BLAST & my brother should have absolutely NO reason to B**** and moan this year, which should keep our sibling arguing to a minimum! Mom and dad will be happy :)

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Amanda said...

Yeah vacation! I can't wait for our big vacation. My husbands shop shuts down for 2 weeks in the summer, so just like last year, we are going to VA to visit my step-son and then the second week we will have him here in MA. Yeah, vacations rock!