Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hear no Evil...

Josh had Aliyah this weekend and his girlfriend Brittany brought her 3.5 year old niece Ashlin to hang out with us, which was awesome!

We took the girls and my cousin to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday...I think we had the same idea as everyone else in NOVA because CC was an absolute mad house! I now know what it feels like to be in an ant farm!

I laughged so much yesterday & mostly at my poor dad...he is such a trooper! Dad has a bit of trouble hearing; I've learend that if we're in a busy, crowded, or loud setting - he just can't differentiate between thing has his undivided hearing attention and everything else falls by the wayside.

Picture him in sitting in the middle of a vehicle with SEVEN other people (he was in the row with the two girls - both under 5), with multiple conversations going on, and Peter Pan playing through the speaker system and all hopes of talking to him are off! I felt a bit like I was sitting on the shore and trying to communicate with him in a sound proof container at the bottom of the just wasn't happening!

Needless to say, there was an awful lot of "Doug, DOUG?!" and "Dad, DAD?!" and "Pop-pop, POP-POP?!" going back and forth in the car...followed by a "huh?" or a "what?" or a "were you talking to me?" There was just so much going on in that car...

I think Aliyah knows that Pop-pop can't hear very well, but Ashlin is too little to get it & she was sitting right beside dad - so every time she wanted to tell him something, her little voice would just get louder and louder until Dad heard her..."earpane" - nothing - "Earpane!" - nothing - "EARPANE!!!" and finally dad says "what?" followed by another "EARPANE!!!" - and then dad goes "oh yeah, that is an airplane."

Chuckie Cheese was fun, but insanely loud! We ended up losing Dad for a bit, only to find that the sensory overload forced him to abandon ship and head over to the mall. By the time he returned Mom, Josh, Brittany, and I looked like we had just finished running a marathon; while we gathered everyone up, we passed Ashlin to dad to hold, but with her not being so familiar with Dad, she started to flail around in his arms...I saw this taking place and went over to get her. She was fine with me - because I spent a lot of time with Ashlin on Friday night - and Dad says to me - sort of disgruntled - "She holds still for you!"

Finally, we were out of HE-double hockey sticks, but I HAD TO GO TO THE MALL! I don't think Dad had been in a store like Nordstroms before, so I found myself hysterically laughing at him as we walked through and headed to the escalator where a man in a tux was playing the piano...just watching Dad was so funny...he was staring around...and just kept asking if we wanted to go to Sears :)

At the mall, Mom and I ended up seperating from the rest of the group (WHEW!) and by the time we caught back up...Dad was resting on a couch after being kicked, where no man desires, by one of the girls...the look on his face was one of being beyond done; seeing that he was able to walk...I found myself laughing again...he had been through the ringer!

When we started the huge ordeal of piling everyone back in the car, Dad looks at me at says "And I missed the last day of hunting season for this..."

Once again I laughed and continued to laugh the entire way home as it was 100% reminiscent of our trip down earlier that day!

Thanks Dad ~ it is simply never the same without you!

PS - spellcheck is not working & I am far from perfect!!! :)


Michael B said...

so, so, so funny!

i can picture your dad in between two little tots, jabbering away!!

and, oh my goodness....chuck e cheese is a bit much for wonder they sell beer with the pizza. : )

this post really made me giggle, amy. thanks. : )

Amanda said...

My dad and grandfather are the same way. They cannot hear very well and it’s always an adventure. Thanks for sharing and its good to know that someone else goes through the same thing :)

summertyme said...

girl, i have got tears ROLLING down my face! i can see my dad doing the same thing. toooo funny!