Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good News / Bad News

The title to this post is the subject of the email I just received from my boss...this is the note that followed:

"Well, Kenz is out of surgery already & she's doing well in recovery - is alert and able to speak, move, etc - many things she could not do after the last surgery.

But...and wouldn't you known there's always a "but," "Fred" as she'd named her tumour back in '05 is back - SSDD. So that moves her out of the "standard risk" category, to the "high-risk" category.

We won't really know what the plan is for several days as its dependent on complete pathology of the tumor, the spinal MRI & spinal fluid analysis, but suffice it to say she'll probably be in the hospital recoverying from surgery for a few more days & then its on to heavier chemo than before, likely to be followed by a bone marrow transplant, etc so looking like 9-12 months of treatment. Many of the possible treatment paths can be accomplished at Hopkins but temporary relocation for her & my wife is certainly a possibility.

As I shared yesterday I plan to be working from Baltimore as long as she's in the hospital.
Additionally, I will probably need to re-evaluate travel plans for the duration of her treatment, dependent on chemo cycles.

Will keep you appraised of further developments, but of course my wife has resumed consistent updates on CaringBridge where the most realtime info will always be:

Sue & I generally don't see the need for much privacy in this regard as increasing awareness of Pediatric Cancer is the main way to drive the funding & development of new treatments.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who is interested.

Thank you,

After reading this, and this is SO NOT about me, I sit here in tears ~ I just can't seem to find words right now. All I can do is ask today, as I did yesterday, to please keep this family in your thoughts during this challenging time and say your biggest prayer for MacKenzie and her recovery...

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