Monday, February 25, 2008

Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial 10k

As many of you know, my cousin Todd passed away on 08.10.2007 in a mining accident in Indiana. My family heard the news as we were walking into a coffee shop to grab breakfast before heading home from Emerald Isle. It was then that my aunt called my cell and asked that I deliver the news to my mom...I buried my head in my dad’s shoulder and cried - knowing that I could not be the one to tell her of the is a day that I remember vividly and always will...

As I have shared in the past, the experience of attending Todd's memorial service is one that I will never forget. In the midst of such grief and loss, there was such a sincere celebration of the person that he was. It was amazing to see the number of lives that he touched as I sat in the funeral home the night of the viewing and watched his family receive guests for well over seven hours...never a break in the line that wrapped through the home and down the street...I gazed at the incredible strength of his parents and siblings as they were each determined to shake the hand of and listen to the story of every single visitor. Seeing the family, friends, and co-workers who had literally traveled from all across the country to pay their respects was incredible and has touched my life forever.

The family has done some really wonderful things to ensure that Todd's memory go on; his sister Jenny has organized a 10k memorial race in Abingdon, Virginia on 08.16.2008 with all proceeds going to the Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial Scholarship.
The following links will take you to some more information on the event:

Runner's World Link


For my own personal reasons, I could not imagine not being there to participate, but I wanted to share this with you...just in case...

Here is some additional information on the area & stuff to do, recommended by Jenny:

Abingdon, Va
Barter Theatre
Martha Washington Inn
(great spa w/salt water swimming pool & ghost tour)
Virginia Highlands Festival
Abingdon Tavern
(great food and atmosphere)
Withers Hardware Restuarant
(good food and atmosphere)
Healing Waters Day Spa
Highlands Outdoor Store
Virginia's Creeper Trail
(where the race is)


Amanda said...

Thank you for sharring about your cousin. I won't be able to make if for the race, but please keep your blogger friends up to date on how the race went.

PS. My new camera is a Canon Rebel XTi, 10 megapixel. I love it already!

Michael B said...

wow, amy! that's awesome. what a tribute AND what a great inspiration to train.

that's so cool that it is listed in runner's world, also!!

love you lots,


Melis B said...

That is so cool. I love the tribute!! Where is Abingdon? I couldn't find a direction link anywhere? Is it far?