Wednesday, February 20, 2008

28 Dresses

Last night Brittany and I went to see "27 Dresses," which was a super cute movie - we had a GREAT time together! Lots went on between leaving work and the movie starting that makes me question the functioning of my BRAIN these days...let's just say that some days I am completely mis-wired...

Try digging for your cell in your purse when you are holding it in your hand - Racing, yes I said *racing* my car against some guy, off the line (HA!) in Winchester when he started revving up his Subaru next to me at a traffic light...when he slammed on the gas and his GIANT muffler roared at me and I stuck it to him (I mean, WHAT WAS I THINKING??) - I repeatedly pushed the WRONG buttons at the ATM until it told me that the transaction had timed out (I'm sure even a monkey can figure out that after you push a series of buttons the first time and it doesn't work, it probably isn't going to work the second time) - I spilled my soda all over my precious fleece when trying to sit in the theatre seat - then missed getting the popcorn in my mouth *MULTIPLE* times & nearly kicked the entire bag of corn over - caught it though...please note, this was ALL before the movie even started!

I am starting to think that I should not be let out in public after 7pm - it is just not safe :)

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