Friday, January 25, 2008

A Sphincter Says What?

I'm certain that I'm not alone in this, but have you ever noticed that a song will come on a top 20 station and you hear it the first time or maybe the first 10 times and ask yourself "what on earth is this crap?"

BUT shortly thereafter something will mis-fire in your brain and all of a sudden you like the song OR Ellen may dance to it, you may hear it when you are out somewhere, or you just get tired of changing the radio every time it comes on.

Well that is what happened to me with the Flo Rida song called Lo...I know, I know...put me in time out please!

In all honesty, I now actually enjoy hearing "Lo"...apparently it has been popular in Miami forever, or so I was told, when I heard it hanging out at the Tap Room in Reston back in that time, hating the song, I told myself that I didn't care about what was popular in Miami if is sounded this ridiculous!

I questioned the main line to the song many times "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur" and wanted to know what on earth apple bottom jeans are. Clearly a sign that I am no longer hip...I won't even try to describe to you the image that came to mind...not even sure that I can, BUT with the help of a co-workers email (that I won't share) it all became clear and now I must admit that I feel very confused about my music taste...if you can call stuff like this music?

The following is courtesy of Apple Bottom Jeans

1. P.(aP-pAl Baw-tEm j-Eens) Fashionable denim for women with voluptuous, curvaceous posteriors. 2. Jean wear for women, usually characterized by apple shaped pockets that raise your rockets.

In all honesty, I don't know how I could have expected any more from a group called "Flo Rida" (apparently someone missed the day in geography class when everyone learned how to spell FLORIDA?) !

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The Sweet Family said...

Google Apple Bottom Jeans. They are a line of jeans created by Nelly (I think). If I remember correctly, the pockets are shaped like apples. Check it out!