Friday, January 11, 2008

An overdue shout out...

To my wonderful, supportive, positive, optimistic, comforting, charismatic, charming, loving, adorable, Elton John loving cousin Jude in Raleigh w/ Stinky (still sorry about the Doritos incident) ~ this post is all for you and all about you!!!

I appreciate, more than you will ever know, your joining the world of text messaging and the many, many joyous notes that you send me...they are just always so uplifting (WINK, WINK)!

I hope you have fun this weekend...keep pulse on the need for a check up from the neck up...take your pills, stay away from John Barleycorn, keep it on the down low, and don't over do it sugar!

Of course I am posting this because I want to...not because he was complaining about never being discussed on my BLOG :)

Pics courtesy of my trip to VA BEACH to visit him in August before he moved yet again! He is singing TINY DANCER in the top one - hahaha!

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