Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Time for Some IDOL!

Ok, so I have been virtually MIA all week due to a WONDERFUL little bug that I came down with in Sunday night (SO MUCH FUN - let me tell ya...I don't wish it on anyone...sorry Pandora!), but somehow I have managed to watch IDOL this week...

Last night just made me remember my all time favorite IDOL tryout and it was from last season...I found the clip on youtube and if you need a laugh, I highly recommend checking it out!

Do you remember Xcentric? The PANTHER guy?

I do kind of feel bad for laughing at some of the poor people trying out... I have to share my favorite one SO FAR from this year is:

Bless his little heart...he has such a sweet spirit, BUT not a sweet voice :)


1 comment:

Michael B said...

so sorry you were sick, hon. i've missed reading your blog this week. : - )

hope you're all better. love you lots.