Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm not speeding I'm qualifying!!!

GO GIANTS!!! What? Did I really just say that?

So somewhere?? tucked DEEP down inside I honestly do feel bad that the GB Packers lost last night. Anyone that was around me during the game, would contest the statement I just made based on the extreme joy I took in their loss to the NY Giants ~ in one hell of a nail biter! Let's just say that I don't normally hug people after NFL football games unless my Skins won!!!

After following The Pack for most of this season, it truly would have been awesome to see Brett "The Hottie" Favre go up against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl...maybe next year think Favre (PS- why is his name spelled that way?? That riddle kept my brain occupied for at least three games this year! :)) would go out of the NFL on an interception pass? Really - I just can't see that happening! His talent far outweighs any one play or the other, so that is not what I'm trying to say here...ANYWAY!

A TINY SIDE NOTE: Football is on the way out for a bit, but NASCAR is back in less than one month people! Get qualifying - hehehehehe :) February 17, 2008 is the magic day of return!

You know what they say ~ You can take the girl out of the country, but good luck getting the country out of the girl!

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Amanda said...

Wow, another Skins fan! Great to meet you! Also, I agree with what you said that it would have been nice to see Bret in one more game this year!