Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Hey everyone look! Amy's picture is on the INTERNET!"

Ok, so these are probably not the words that you want to hear from a co-worker as you spot him walking over to other co-workers holding a laptop in such a way that you can not see the screen. Of course in the back of my head, I'm like - well $hit - I just caved and signed up for facebook (GEEK) and now somehow they have posted me as a new member or something on the homepage and clearly that could be the only way that this guy has a picture of me...I am a good girl!!!!

As I witness him showing his laptop screen, very convincingly I might add, to everyone around me (who also one by one said "AH, that is Amy - yada, yada, yada"), I am left in panic mode for a few seconds - a few seconds that felt like an ETERNITY!

FINALLY he decides to turn the screen to me so I can see myself...and this is what follows:

As you can imagine, after seeing this, my nervousness quickly stopped; however, I asked him if he had somehow gotten a hold of the wrong glasses or maybe needed to schedule a check-up from the neck up! The comparison on any level, was flattering to say the least...she is 18 - hahaha!

PS - he was unfamiliar with the show "Hero's", which I think added to his excitement about seeing ME online this afternoon; however, he has now told the entire room, where I reside 9-6pm M-F, that she is on the show Heros, as a cheerleader and about her interest in saving the dolphins...and he is now calling me movie star...if he had only seen me yesterday!!! :)


Michael B said...

that's too funny! i can imagine how FREAKED out you must have been!! even though you really are a good girl, and all. = )

Ruggles said...

Well, welcome to the world of blogging!! lol :)