Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Four Amigas

As promised here is a pic from the girls night out last Saturday & I think I took this self-portrait of us...BONUS, fromt this angle, my head looks even larger than it usually does - hahaha!

It got to the point that this one guy offered to take a picture of us every time he saw the camera come out...I guess he got tired of watching us STRUGGLE to take the self shots! (I think that is his balding head in the background - super sweet fella!)

Seriously though, it was hard enough to coordinate the four of us getting together to go out on a Saturday night - let alone getting four girls to take a picture that we all agreed we "liked" ourselves in! This is PRICELESS!

Thanks Kate for letting us use your camera all night!

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SummerTyme said...

You girls look amazing!