Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Every girl should own a hat...

Not just any old baseball style cap, but a really girly & fun hat...I suggest multiple ones for different seasons too :)

After a HUGE ROLLER COASTER RIDE over the course of last Thursday - Friday that went something like this:

Message from my Realtor's Office Thurs: An agent in the office has a client that would like to come out and see your house on Sunday at 10AM.

My response Thurs after listening to the message: YAYAYAY! Must clean house...cancel all plans for Friday night and Saturday! Email about the exciting news and the need to clean.

(Friday, I dress like a total BUM for work and do not my wash hair - pull back in ponytail...who cares - I will be cleaning tonight - YAY!)

Message from my Realtor Fri 3PM: I'm very excited about the showing on Sunday. Please make sure you have the flyer's out. The client has seen the outside already, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

My response Fri 4PM after listening to the message: OMG! This is wonderful; they have already seen the outside so they are familiar with the cliff they must drive up! Email again with the even better news!

Message from my Realtor's Office Fri 5PM: Amy, I'm sorry, but there has been a mix-up and the client is interested in another home, NOT YOURS!

My response Fri 5PM after hearing this news: !@#$%^&&*()*&^!@#$%$^*%(#@(&$(&#!!!!

Now at 6PM on Friday night with cancelled plans and dirty pony tail hair that is now beyond unsuitable for public places...I drive home - mad as a hornet only get get a welcomed phone call from my brother and his girlfriend inviting me to go to a nice dinner with them and OH BTW they will be at my house 20 minutes after I get home to pick me up...no time to shower!!!

This is where the girlie hat came in extremely handy to go out to a relaxing & enjoyable dinner with great company!

PS - I had a wonderful time & reminded myself that everything happens for a reason :)


Amanda said...

Oh my god, I would be ripped about your Friday night issue with the realter, but it seems like you turned a bad thing into a great time. Good thing for those hats!

Michael B said...

I would have been so, so, so disappointed, too! And, quiet irritated, to say the least!

It does look like you had a great evening!! Josh's girlfriend looks like a real sweetie!! And,you'd never, ever know that Friday was a grubby day based on that picture. You always look amazing, Amy. : )

Have a great day.

SarahC said...

I am so sorry to hear about your experience on Friday. But like you told me once everything does happen for a reason. I am sure you will get tons of people wanting to come see your house soon. Keep that chin up! I love your hat too, I just bought one in the same style at Macys last week! Too cute! :)

The Sweet Family said...

I remember those days of trying to sell a house and those damn showings!

If I looked half as good as you with your "total BUM look with unwashed hair" and a hat on, I would be HAPPY!

Enjoy your day!

The Sweet Family said...

We are in Southwest, VA (Wytheville). 20 minutes from VA Tech baby! Also only 1 hour from Martinsville and Bristol.