Friday, January 4, 2008


Dancing of the spirit that is! I am so excited for my night out with the girls may not be the full blown night out of years ago, but the precious company is all that matters these days! I am so incredibly blessed to still call three women, whom I have known since grade school, some of my dearest and bestEST (not a Scrabble capable word) friends in the whole wide world. On my desk sits the picture of the four of us from high school has traveled with me since 1997 in the same frame, never a need to put it to the side...LIFE IS TRULY GOOD!

I also get to see my PEANUT & my Doo - I mean, what is a girl to do with all this good stuff going on at the same time?

My love to all - BE BLESSED & have a wonderful, super-duper fantastic weekend!

I hope to have some fun pictures for ya'll on Monday...look out Ashburn - the hottie's (JK) are on their way out - hehehehehehe :)

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Michael B said...

Um. Why not ERASE the j/k part about the "hotties" heading to ashburn????? = )

i truly can't wait for our evening out together!!!

love you and can't wait to see you.