Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve Night - My encouters with a four year old!

Sitting by the tree and dreaming...

After a wonderful meal and much playing at mom and dads, we all headed off to bed on Christmas Eve - well, almost to bed anyway! Aliyah kindly reminded me after changing into her PJ's and crawling into bed the first time that we had forgotten to leave Santa his milk and cookies. So I got us out of bed and we headed to the kitchen (stopped to take a photo by the tree in the PJ's).

Luckily there were PLENTY of treats, so finding the cookies was not a problem at all; however, when I went to the fridge and picked up the milk carton, I noticed it was considerably LIGHT - ugh! Not knowing if wasting all of the milk would make or break anything on Christmas morning, I snuck over to the sink, or so I thought, and put water in the cup for Santa...The four year old was on her game because she knew exactly what I did and pointed out that we had to leave Santa his milk! I dumped the water out and went back to the fridge and pretended to pour a glass of milk (I probably put about a teaspoon in the mug) and then we were off to leave the treats by the fireplace in the dining room, where Aliyah knew Santa would be making his arrival and departure...

Cookies and Milk - CHECK, now it is back to bed...Aliyah and I crawled into mom and dad's bed and were basically sharing one pillow...I laid there as she tossed and turned like a fish out of water - all along thinking to myself that it was going to be a long night...when all of a sudden there was a whisper "Amy, is Santa here?" I replied, "Well, no silly, Santa does not come until you are asleep." Only to hear "but, I am asleep!" Too cute! I had to point out that she was not asleep...shortly thereafter we were both off the dreamland - Until mom came to take my spot and I went downstairs to take my place on the couch!

With so much excitement about Santa's arrival - would you believe that we had to pull her out of bed on Christmas morning at 9am? :)

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Michael B said...

she's going to love that story one day. what a sweetheart.

oh, and sleeping all cuddled up with an itty bitty tot? i've learned that it sounds so much sweeter than it really is!!

love your blog, ame!!