Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The best nail file in the world...FileMate™

This nail file ROCKS!

Again props to my BFF for finding it first, but anyway I loved hers so much and could NEVER find it in the store, so she got me one for Christmas.

It is by TWEEZERMAN and it has a cute little case, which keeps everything else in your purse safe - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this item!!!


I will be re-odering when the time comes :)


Vickie said...

OK, how does she do personal stuff with those nails? OUCH!

Michael B said...

EEEWWW! Those nails are nasty!! Love the shopping tips, especially from you.

I'll send pics soon. In a Kodak gallery format. Promise!!

Love you lots and lots.


Sarah said...

How did she get those rings on?! Makes me happy I bite mine.