Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Bachelor - 2009

I am pretty stoked for the season premiere of "The Bachelor" on ABC this coming January. I have had a love-hate relationship with the show since it's debut years ago, but this past winter - found me bored and in the middle of nowhere (haha - home) on the couch in the evenings a lot & I had the opportunity to re-engage the show.
I immediately fell in love with Deanna - eagerly tuning in each week to see who was getting a rose & who was going the end she chose Jesse over Jason...I liked both guys so I wasn't really rooting for one more than the other...

As it has turned out & as it has with a lot of the seasons...Deanna and Jesse will not be making it down the isle in 2009 as announced - the pair ultimately called off their engagement this past November *SIGH* I mean, I really can't imagine why it is so hard to make a relationship work when they knew each other for SO LONG and got to spend SO MUCH time together ;)

ANYWAY!!! As luck would have it, the Bachelor who's proposal was turned down i.e. Jason Mesnick has been chosen to be the new Bachelor...Jason is a single father from Seattle, Washington & I just found him to be absolutely adorable last year - ERGO - I am super excited to watch his journey from the other side of the "game."

Apparently, he has announced to the world that he did find LOVE during the taping of his season and is engaged....hmmm...only time will tell...I hope for the very best for him, but as history does tend to repeat itself - we'll have to tune in to see if it lasts through the "after the finale show" :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

I know you so well!

Funny peanut story from the weekend...

I drove out to my parents yesterday to spend time with everyone. Josh and Aliyah were both there as well (YAY!). Aliyah wanted to play games so she and I started off with Candyland and then all of us went to the den to play Disney Bingo...

Aliyah is very competitive and wants to win. What kid doesn't? I ended up calling out "BINGO" on the first round, so for round two Aliyah wanted to use my Bingo card...go figure :)

The funny/sweet thing that happened was when Dad put out $5 for the winner of the blackout round. Aliyah ended up winning that one and the $5, so I joking said - "now you can go Christmas shopping for me".

She looked up at me and said "Yes, and I'll get you a star for your tree."

The irony of her statement was that while out shopping on Saturday I bought a tree for my place, but decided against the stars...thinking that I'll swing by a Pier One to see what they have.

So I said back to Aliyah "I do need a star for my tree! How did you know that??" (I had not discussed any of this with her)

She looked up and me, shrugged her little shoulders, and in a somewhat "duh" kind of voice, said "well, that's because I know you so well!"

I smiled and said "yes, you do..."